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Throughout the year we organise a number of school visits,
corporate visits and networking events for schools involved in the programme.
6 October, 2021
Langley Park School For Girls

I just wanted to say a big thank you to Naomi for visiting and inspiring the students! You were brilliant. The way you explained everything was absolutely perfect and relatable for the younger students too so thank you very much.

I have already had a couple of students tell me they are hadn’t thought about a careers such as yours and thought banking was just about “money and maths” so this is brilliant!

Hayley Hayden , Careers Advisor
6 March, 2020
Beaconsfield High School

It was such a pleasure to deliver a talk on Marketing as well as my career and personal journey to 150 bright, young students at Beaconsfield High School. It’s always rewarding to share experiences and inspire the future generation of female talent.

Neha Rajesh, Tenemos , Ambassador
28 January, 2020
Putney High School

The girls were indeed super-charged! They have been coming to find me ever since to tell me how much they enjoyed the talk. Thank you so much, Mandeep. It was not only the context of the talk, but the way Mandeep said it which was useful for our students. We’re trying to teach the students how to speak authoritatively and naturally at the same time – Mandeep modelled that brilliantly.


14 November, 2019
LBG Ambassadors Reception

The Women of the Future Ambassador event was a great opportunity to listen to a variety of women and hear about their experiences in their respective fields. I came away from the event with a lot more encouragement and advice on how to succeed in the workplace as a women and I would definitely recommend going to anyone who hasn’t attended before.

Sophia, Student , Bromley High School GDST